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Our Outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles are the perfect solution for live events whether it's TV, web, BIG screen or being recorded as part of a multi camera video.

Our OB van can switch up to 10 cameras, has a multi-channel Audio mixer as well as Graphics, Slow-Motion Replay, VT play-out and recording facilities.

We have Satellite broadband capability with up to two dishes so we always have connectivity anywhere, Hi gain 4G and also Sky and Freeview capability if you need to feed TV to large screens TVRO.

Power is taken care of by our on-board generator so the vehicle requires no additional resources.

For a complete spec list, Click Here

If you feel that there is no way the Outside Broadcast van could be used (it’s rare that it can’t) then go to or Fly-A-Way Portable Production Unit page (PPU)  Click Here

PPU and OB team in UK
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