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Paragon Live provides live services to the Television, Corporate, Entertainment & Events industry. ​​

With more and more content being Live we provide systems that can allow clients to have what they want, where they want, with the minimum of fuss and at a competitive price.​

Because we want you to concentrate on the creative side our kit always comes with an engineer to help you rig your setup and adapt to any changes that may happen on your job. If you don't already have crew booked for your job we can handle that as well.

We provide both vehicle based and portable cased based solutions for live vision mixing with a host of options from Wireless video links to Slow-Motion Replay and Underwater cameras to remote cameras. This can be live to TV Broadcasters, the web, small indoor screens or giant outdoor screens (which we can supply if required).​

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Connectivity is never a problem for us.

uk film crew bonded solutions

​​Connectivity is never a problem for us, if you’re happy with the internet availability at your location/venue we can use that, alternatively we can use our satellite broadband (available on all the vehicles or as a floor mounted unit). All our broadcasting encoders can use multiple connections to increase speed or provide a better quality of connection.

Whatever you’re after doing, get in touch and we can talk it through and give advice and ideas on how best to achieve what you want.

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