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bonding 4g and satellite solutions UK

We supply connectivity in a number of different ways including bonded 4G, 5G, Starlink & satellite broadband depending on your requirements and budget.

We're big fans of Bonding/Data Bridging so always try to offer a bonded solution where possible (Bonding is when you join multiple connections together) this gives faster speeds and better internet reliability.

4G is very good these days but going live over just one connection is a big risk, one we never take. For both live TV & web we use various different systems that can be deployed as a van based system (we have three) or as portable systems.

Unfortunately, there are still many places where 4G is poor or erratic and that's where our satellite dishes come into their own, these can also be bonded to increase speed if needed.

With this we are also able to offer a range of differant encoding platforms to suit the ever growing streaming and broadcasting destinations.​​

remote camera crew UK

Bonded solutions for better reliability.

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