DP11 SAT   -   OB SPEC

Mobile broadcast team Herefordshire
LiveU LU800 crew and hire
Vision mixing UK
TV and events camera crews
production equipment van


10 Channel HD/SD mixer for single or multi cam
Vision mixing control surface 
Additional Hybrid video system (see below)
Multi channel remote video calls 
4 Channel replay system 
Multi channel Recording 
Multi channel NDI feeds in/out
Multi channel SRT feeds in/out
2 x card based Video recorders
20x20 Video hub
16 channel audio mixer with production monitor
2 x 100M, 75M, 50M, 12M HD-SDI (+ Misc) 
4 Channel fibre system 
1 x 300m (2core) OCC TAC4 Broadcast fibre

camera crew in the UK


Dawson Auto point IP satellite up-link
2nd Manual dish
Raycom UHF Duplex radio system
Glensound TBU (1st) 
TBU (2nd)
Glensound TBU (3rd)
Prospect 8 channel IFB 

Prospect 1 channel IFB
8x UHF radios with in-ear/headsets (20 by request)
7x Sennheiser EW-100 G2 IEM Transmitter
Oyster – Caro Sky Auto point receiver


LiveU LU800HEVC 4 Channel

LiveU LU300HEVC Pro (4 units)

LiveU LU200DVB (2 units) 
LiveU Solo PLUS (web only) 
Vmix Professional  RTMP, RTSP, NDI, SRT


2KW Honda generator

Victron Multiplus 800 + Isolation Transformer

6 Meter Clark Mast

Air Con