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LU800 LiveU equipment hire
LiveU lu800 team UK
LU800 Paragon Live

We can supply the latest LU800 four channel encoder as well as seven LU300HEVC encoders.


These encoders come with full Talkback kit for Presenters and guests, SDI cabling, battery capacity for a whole day of lives and most importantly are fully loaded with upto ten 4G sims.


This can be supplied to integrate with your existing live production crew or we can provide crew for you, see here.

We can also supply a full LiveU playout server solution in any location with our OB van using bonded connectivity.


On top of our LiveU hire services we can provide additional services such as:

  • Camera Kit Hire                       

  • Sound kit                                  

  • Generator for onsite power (Includes fuel)

  • Production Vehicle (Includes generator and unlimited 4G WiFi access)

  • Satellite Broadband  (Guaranteed internet connectivity anywhere)

  • OB van (Fully equipped OB van for multicam broadcasting)

  • Wireless Video Kit   

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