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LiveU Playout Anywhere

We've been advocates of LiveU for many years now, having first started using their products in 2014. We’ve used their encoders up mountains and in helicopters and a long list of other places.

A service we’ve always wanted to offer is remote LiveU Playout Anywhere ( and I mean anywhere! ). Over the years we’ve seen networks become more and more secure and we’ve often heard the comment “it’s a great idea but we’ll never get it through the firewall.” and for a one of job thats often been true.

Paragon are now offering a unique LiveU playout service, we can provide multi channel LiveU playout using a range of different connections from On site broadband to Starlink or Ka-Sat to 4G/5G. With no firewall issues you don’t have all the fuss of dealing with the location IT team.

From there you can either live mix in our OB van or we can pass it on to your setup, we can also supply LiveU’s from the LU300 all the way up to the 4 Channel LU800.

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