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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

It’s here & it’s amazing, we now have the new LiveU LU800 4 Channel. It has up to 4 inputs & can be used as a traditional #LiveU or as a remote broadcasting solution. With up to 14 connections & multiple KA-Sat or LAN inputs it can stream to a blistering 70MB in HEVC.

The LU800 paired with our OB van means we can provide a multitude of resources as well as 4 channels of Comms & full remote control of 4 Robotic cameras via LiveU IP Pipe, this is great in our Covid/ post Covid environment allowing for minimal crew on location ( such as we did for the Martin Lewis Money Show in 2020)

The #LU800 isn’t just for TV, we can provide a playout server as well giving you remote feeds into your production or MCR.

Over the next few weeks & months we’ll be delving into what the #LU800 can do. In the mean time get in touch if you feel your Production could benefit from the #LU800#broadcasting#covid#production#broadcast

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